FUNN Brakes

Funn has been represented by riders like Sam Hill, The Atherton’s, Steve Romaniuk, Thomas Vanderham, Greg Minaar currently and in years gone by. Riding the best cockpit combinations the market has to offer, we felt it was time to show you a little more what Funn brakes is about.


FUNN bite point adjustable lever

  • Ideal for 1 or 2 finger braking.
  • Designed to cut down on finger fatigue.
  • Helps with braking power and modulation feel.
  • Available with all Funn brake models.
  • Designed and developed with Pro riders such as Steve Romaniuk

Gaspi World Record

Funn brake world recordBefore Richard Gasporotti attempted his speed record his insurance company kindly insured him much to the amazement of the insane Czech, the 32 year old just laughed and said maybe it is their bad luck! The attempt was set to take place just half an hour from Prague at a military airport Lnáre - Blatna Pisek.The plan was to hit 250km/h as was achieved in unoffcial practice but on an unusuall windy day the tow in from the super bike only allowed him to hit 211.5 km/h which still smashed the record. Gaspi commented that as well as many other aspects of his bike it was of course essential to be able to have confdence in his brakes. "Using my Drop Out brakes made everything secure and safe so when it was time to slow down everything was under control. After 3 runs down the runway the brakes were still performing perfectly". Congratulations to Gaspi from all at Funn brakes on another crazy day in your life.

FUNN Brakes

Funn's parent company has been manufacturing brakes and brake parts for other brands for a long time and it was time to unveil Funn brakes. With manufacturing plants, research and devlopement engineers and an extensive knowledge of braking systems it was a natural progression to produce our own line up.
Funn brake manufacturing
We use the latest technology to design, test and manufacture some of the best MTB brakes in the world, The F1, F2 and Drop series are testament to this. Time has passed and we are still delivering and developing brakes that perform and go on performing.FUNN brake testing
If it’s a good quality brake at the right price you’re looking for then you have no need to look any further than Funn. Our Brakes were designed for platform use so our clients can mix and match front -vs- rear systems.FUNN brake caliper testing
It is also important the consumer gets the right amount of power –vs- price per wheel. Versatility will always be an option when using Funn brakes.

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